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NC H786


Youth Health Protection Act

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It shall be unlawful for any medical professional or mental health care professional or counselor to knowingly engage in any of the following practices upon a minor, or cause them to be performed for the purpose of attempting to alter the appearance of or affirm the minor's perception of his or her gender or sex, if that appearance or perception is inconsistent with the minor's sex: [...] Prescribing, administering, or supplying testosterone, estrogen, or progesterone to a minor in an amount greater than would normally be produced endogenously in a healthy individual of that individual's age and sex.

State office, agency, political subdivision of the State or local government, or any organization with authority to license or discipline the members of a profession may not prohibit, impose any penalty, or take any adverse action against any individual who gives or receives counsel, advice, guidance, or any other speech or communication, whether described as therapy or provided for a fee, consistent with conscience or religious belief.

No State funds may be used, directly or indirectly, for the performance of or in furtherance of gender transition procedures or to support the administration of any governmental health plan or government-offered insurance policy offering gender transition procedures.

Legislative Session


2023-2024 Session


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2023-04-19Ref to the Com on Health, if favorable, Families, Children, and Aging Policy, if favorable, Judiciary 1, if favorable, Rules, Calendar, and Operations of the House
2023-04-19Passed 1st Reading