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NE LB1330


Prohibit public educational institutions from taking certain actions relating to diversity, equity, and inclusion

Selected quotes

A public educational institution shall not: (a) Require an employee to engage in a diversity, equity, and inclusion program; (b) Spend public money on a diversity, equity, and inclusion program; (c) Require, as a condition of a contract, participation in a diversity, equity, and inclusion program; (d) Spend public money to acquire services, supplies, information technology, or goods for a diversity, equity, and inclusion program; (e) Establish, support, sustain, or employ an office or individual whose duties include coordinating, creating, developing, designing, implementing, organizing, planning, or promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion programs;

Diversity, equity, and inclusion program means a program that requires an employee of a public educational institution to participate in or attend a training [...] (i) Describing structures, systems, relations of power, [...] gender identity, or sexual orientation; [...] Advancing theories of [...] allyship, transgenderism, [...] social justice, intersectionality, neopronouns, inclusive language, heteronormativity, disparate impact, gender identity or theory, [...] or any concept substantially related to any of these theories.

Legislative Session


108th Legislature


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2024-02-1313:30HearingRoom 1525 Hearing


2024-04-18Indefinitely postponed
2024-02-05Notice of hearing for February 13, 2024
2024-01-18Ibach name withdrawn
2024-01-18Referred to Education Committee
2024-01-17Date of introduction