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NE LB575


Adopt the Sports and Spaces Act

Legislative Session


108th Legislature


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2023-02-1313:30HearingRoom 1525Education Hearing


2024-04-18Indefinitely postponed
2024-04-05Hunt FA397 to AM2049 filed
2024-04-05Hunt FA396 to AM2049 filed
2024-04-05Hunt FA395 to AM2049 filed
2024-04-05Hunt FA394 to AM2049 filed
2024-04-05Hunt FA393 to AM2049 filed
2024-04-05Hunt FA392 to AM2049 filed
2024-04-05Hunt FA391 to AM2049 filed
2024-04-05Kauth AM3368 to AM2049 filed
2024-04-05Kauth MO1375 failed
2024-04-05Kauth MO1375 Invoke cloture pursuant to Rule 7, Sec. 10 filed
2024-04-05Hunt MO10 pending
2024-04-04Kauth FA381 to AM2049 filed
2024-04-04Education AM2049 filed
2024-04-04Placed on General File with AM2049
2024-04-04Cavanaugh, M. FA378 filed
2024-04-04Cavanaugh, M. FA377 filed
2024-04-04Cavanaugh, M. FA376 filed
2024-04-04Cavanaugh, M. FA375 filed
2024-04-04Cavanaugh, M. FA374 filed
2024-04-04Cavanaugh, M. FA373 filed
2024-04-04Cavanaugh, M. FA372 filed
2024-04-04Cavanaugh, M. FA371 filed
2024-04-04Cavanaugh, M. FA370 filed
2024-04-02Attorney General Opinion 24-001 to Kauth
2024-01-05Slama name added
2024-01-03Kauth priority bill
2024-01-03Title printed. Carryover bill
2023-05-30Riepe name withdrawn
2023-03-30Hunt MO671 Bracket until June 2, 2023 filed
2023-03-30Hunt MO668 Bracket until June 1, 2023 filed
2023-03-30Hunt MO672 Recommit to Education Committee filed
2023-03-30Hunt MO670 Recommit to Education Committee filed
2023-03-30Hunt MO667 Recommit to Education Committee filed
2023-03-30Hunt MO669 Indefinitely postpone filed
2023-03-30Hunt MO666 Indefinitely postpone pursuant to Rule 6 Section 3(f) filed
2023-03-15Kauth AM875 filed
2023-03-15Kauth AM874 filed
2023-03-14Clements priority bill
2023-02-07Hunt AM239 filed
2023-02-03Notice of hearing for February 13, 2023
2023-01-31Armendariz name added
2023-01-25Hunt AM73 filed
2023-01-19Referred to Education Committee
2023-01-17Hunt MO10 Indefinitely postpone pursuant to Rule 6 Section 3(f) filed
2023-01-17Date of introduction