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NH SB341


Relative to mandatory disclosure by school district employees to parents.

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Written requests by parents regarding information relating to their child submitted to any employee of the school district in which the child is enrolled shall be answered completely and honestly to the extent permitted by law. Such response to written requests shall be submitted within 10 days of the employee's receipt of the request.

Legislative Session


2024 Regular Session


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2024-04-2212:45HearingLegislative Office Building 205-207Education Executive Session
2024-04-2210:00HearingLegislative Office Building 205-207Education Public Hearing
2024-01-0409:00HearingRoom 101, Legislative Office BuildingEducation Hearing


2024-05-02Indefinitely Postpone (Rep. Wilhelm): Motion Adopted Regular Calendar 185-176 05/02/2024 House Journal 12 P. 42
2024-05-02Amendment # 2024-1589h: Amendment Failed DV 179-182 05/02/2024 House Journal 12 P. 42
2024-04-24Committee Report: Without Recommendation 04/23/2024 (Vote 10-10; Regular Calendar) House Calendar 17 P. 19
2024-04-16Executive Session: 04/22/2024 12:45 pm Legislative Office Building 205-207
2024-04-16Public Hearing: 04/22/2024 10:00 am Legislative Office Building 205-207
2024-04-10Introduced (in recess of) 03/28/2024 and referred to Education House Journal 10 P. 229
2024-04-05Ought to Pass with Amendment 2024-0786s, Regular Calendar 13Y-10N, Motion Adopted; OT3rdg; 04/05/2024; Senate Journal 8
2024-04-05Committee Amendment # 2024-0786s, Amendment Adopted, Voice Vote; 04/05/2024; Senate Journal 8
2024-03-21Committee Report: Ought to Pass with Amendment # 2024-0786s, 04/05/2024, Vote 3-1; Senate Calendar 13
2024-03-21Special Order to Next Session, Without Objection, Motion Adopted; 03/21/2024; Senate Journal 7
2024-03-07Committee Report: Ought to Pass with Amendment # 2024-0786s, 03/21/2024, Vote 3-1; Senate Calendar 11
2024-03-07Special Order to 03/21/2024, Without Objection, Motion Adopted; 03/07/2024 Senate Journal 6
2024-02-21Committee Report: Ought to Pass with Amendment # 2024-0786s, 03/07/2024, Vote 3-1; Senate Calendar 9
2023-12-14Hearing: 01/04/2024, Room 101, Legislative Office Building, 09:00 am; Senate Calendar 48
2023-12-11To Be Introduced 01/03/2024 and Referred to Education; Senate Journal 1