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NH SB562


Relative to state recognition of biological sex.

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Nothing in RSA 5-C:87, RSA 260-263, RSA 354-A, or any other law or regulation shall mean that it is unlawful discrimination based on sex or gender identity for any person or organization, public or private, to classify based on biological sex with respect to the following matters: (a) In the construction, maintenance, operation, and use of lavatory facilities or locker rooms designed for usage by multiple persons at the same time, even if such facilities have individual urinals, stalls, or similar apparatus. (b) In athletic or sporting events or competitions in a sport or similar activity in which physical strength, speed, or endurance is generally recognized to give an advantage to biological males. (c) In the operation, maintenance, and use of facilities designed for usage as prisons, houses of correction, juvenile detention or commitment centers, mental health hospitals or treatment centers and like facilities to which persons may be committed involuntarily.

Legislative Session


2024 Regular Session


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2024-01-1613:30HearingRoom 100, State HouseJudiciary Hearing


2024-04-11Pending Motion Ought to Pass; 04/11/2024; Senate Journal 9
2024-04-11Sen. Ricciardi Moved Laid on Table, Motion Adopted, Voice Vote; 04/11/2024; Senate Journal 9
2024-04-05Committee Report: Ought to Pass, 04/11/2024, Vote 3-2; Senate Calendar 14A
2024-04-05Special Order to the Next Session, Without Objection, Motion Adopted; 04/05/2024; Senate Journal 8
2024-03-27Committee Report: Ought to Pass, 04/05/2024, Vote 3-2; Senate Calendar 13
2024-01-10Hearing: 01/16/2024, Room 100, State House, 01:30 pm; Senate Calendar 3
2023-12-14To Be Introduced 01/03/2024 and Referred to Judiciary; Senate Journal 1