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OH HB151


Enact Ohio Higher Education Enhancement Act

To amend sections 3345.45, 4117.14, and 4117.15 and to enact sections 1713.57, 3333.0419, 3345.029, 3345.0216, 3345.0217, 3345.0219, 3345.382, 3345.451, 3345.452, 3345.453, 3345.591, 3345.80, and 3345.87 of the Revised Code to enact the Ohio Higher Education Enhancement Act regarding the operation of state institutions of higher education.

Selected quotes

Prohibit any mandatory programs or training courses regarding diversity, equity, or inclusion; [...] Affirm and guarantee that it will not endorse, oppose, comment, or take action, as an institution, on the public policy controversies of the day, or any other ideology, principle, concept, or formulation that requires commitment to any controversial belief or policy, specified concept [...] "Specified concept" means a concept such as allyship, diversity, social justice, sustainability, systematic racism, gender identity, equity, or inclusion.

Legislative Session


135th General Assembly (2023-2024)


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2023-06-1410:30HearingRoom 017House Higher Education Williams, 3rd Hearing, Interested Party-Written Only Testimony
2023-05-1710:30HearingRoom 017House Higher Education Williams, 2nd Hearing, Opponent Testimony
2023-05-1010:30HearingRoom 017 Overflow 018House Higher Education Williams, 1st Hearing, Sponsor/Proponent Testimony PS


2023-04-18Referred to committee: Higher Education