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Adopt Restoration of America's Readiness (ROAR) Resolution

To urge the United States Congress to restore the Department of Defense's superior warfighting principles of recruiting, assigning, training, promoting, and retaining personnel solely based on merit and ensuring such personnel maintain and display a warrior ethos, and to name this resolution the "Restoration of America's Readiness (ROAR) Resolution."

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Over the past several years, the United States Department of Defense and its military services have engaged in various practices eroding these warfighting principles to the point at which United States military dominance has been called into serious question. Such practices include: (1) Overemphasizing and relying on diversity and inclusion in all its forms, including gender, gender identity, race, and sexual preference [...] (4) Requiring mandatory training at the United States Air Force Academy to incorporate "person-centered" and gender neutral language when describing individuals and to request cadets to consider using the term "parent" or "caregiver" rather than "mother" or "father" as not to offend those that may come from a different parenting background

Legislative Session


135th General Assembly (2023-2024)


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2023-12-0511:00HearingRoom 113House Homeland Security Willis, 1st Hearing, Sponsor Testimony


2023-09-12Introduced and Referred to Committee: Homeland Security