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OK HB2177


Public health and safety; health care professionals; prohibiting certain gender transition procedures; exceptions; administrative remedies; emergency.

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A physician, mental health professional, or other health care professional shall not knowingly engage in or cause any of the following practices to be performed upon any person under eighteen (18) years of age if the practice is performed for the purpose of attempting to alter the appearance of or affirm the minor's perception of his or her gender or biological sex, if that appearance or perception is inconsistent with the minor's biological sex as defined in this act: 1. Prescribing or administering [...] any drug to suppress or delay normal puberty; 2. Prescribing or administering testosterone, estrogen, or progesterone to a minor in an amount greater than would normally be produced endogenously in a healthy individual of that individual's age and biological sex;

A health benefit plan under an insurance policy or other plan providing health care coverage in this state shall not include reimbursement for the services described in subsections B and C of this section whether performed on a minor or adult.

Legislative Session


2024 Regular Session


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2023-04-18Coauthored by Senator Hamilton
2023-03-23Second Reading referred to Rules Committee then to Appropriations Committee
2023-03-14Coauthored by Senator Jett
2023-03-01First Reading
2023-03-01Engrossed, signed, to Senate
2023-02-28Referred for engrossment
2023-02-28Third Reading, Measure and Emergency passed: Ayes: 80 Nays: 18
2023-02-28Amended by floor substitute
2023-02-28Coauthored by Representative(s) Gann, Conley, Maynard
2023-02-28General Order
2023-02-20Emergency added
2023-02-20Authored by Senator Bullard (principal Senate author)
2023-02-20Coauthored by Representative(s) CrosswhiteHader
2023-02-20CR; Do Pass, amended by committee substitute Public Health Committee
2023-02-13Coauthored by Representative(s) Olsen
2023-02-07Second Reading referred to Public Health
2023-02-06Authored by Representative West (Kevin)
2023-02-06First Reading