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OK SB1563


Schools; modifying rights and procedures under the Parents' Bill of Rights; requiring written consent to provide certain instruction. Effective date. Emergency.

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In the absence of written consent from a parent, a child shall be considered automatically withdrawn from instruction or presentations on [...] gender identity. Instruction or presentations on [...] gender identity shall not be included in the standard course of study and support materials, locally developed curriculum, supplemental instruction, textbooks, or other supplementary materials, regardless of whether such instruction or presentations are provided by school personnel or third parties.

Legislative Session


2024 Regular Session


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2024-02-21Coauthored by Senator Bergstrom
2024-02-21Coauthored by Senator Jett
2024-02-08Coauthored by Senator Hamilton
2024-02-06Second Reading referred to Education
2024-02-05Authored by Senator Prieto
2024-02-05First Reading