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OK SB1677


Oklahoma Children's Code; prohibiting certain actions by the Department of Human Services; authorizing certain claim. Effective date.

Selected quotes

The Department of Human Services shall not: Require, as a condition for eligibility to foster or adopt, any current or prospective adoptive or foster parent to affirm, accept, or support any government policy regarding sexual orientation or gender identity that conflicts with the parent’s sincerely held religious or moral beliefs;

Legislative Session


2024 Regular Session


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2024-04-0309:30HearingRoom 5s2House State Powers Hearing
2024-02-2909:30HearingRoom 535 Senate Health and Human Services 3RD REVISED Hearing


2024-05-22Enacting clause restored
2024-05-22Title restored
2024-05-22CCR read
2024-05-16Conference granted, naming Conference Committee on States Powers
2024-05-07SCs named Daniels, Rosino, Haste, Gollihare, Stanley, Young
2024-05-01HAs rejected, conference requested
2024-04-24Coauthored by Representative Williams
2024-04-24HAs read
2024-04-24Engrossed, signed, to Senate
2024-04-23Referred for engrossment
2024-04-23Third Reading, Measure passed: Ayes: 69 Nays: 17
2024-04-23Coauthored by Representative(s) Hill
2024-04-23General Order
2024-04-04Coauthored by Senator(s) Pederson, Bullard
2024-04-04Enacting clause stricken
2024-04-04CR; Do Pass, as amended, State Powers Committee
2024-03-25Second Reading referred to State Powers
2024-03-13First Reading
2024-03-13Engrossed to House
2024-03-12Referred for engrossment
2024-03-12Measure passed: Ayes: 35 Nays: 8
2024-03-12General Order, Considered
2024-03-06Coauthored by Representative CrosswhiteHader (principal House author)
2024-02-29Title stricken
2024-02-29Reported Do Pass as amended Health and Human Services committee; CR filed
2024-02-06Second Reading referred to Health and Human Services
2024-02-05Authored by Senator Daniels
2024-02-05First Reading