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SC H3466


Academic Integrity Act

Amend The South Carolina Code Of Laws By Adding Article 5 To Chapter 29, Title 59 So As To Define Necessary Terms, To Provide Public School Websites Must Include Certain Information And Means Of Providing Related Feedback Concerning Instructional Materials And Curricula In Use, To Provide Related Reporting Requirements Of The State Department Of Education And School Districts, To Provide For The Withholding Of Funding For Noncompliance With Certain Provisions Of This Act, And To Provide Requirements For Public Schools That Seek Or Receive Federal Grants Related To History Or Social Studies Education.

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A student, administrator, teacher, staff member, other school or district employee, or volunteer may not be required to engage in any form of mandatory gender or sexual diversity training or counseling.

Legislative Session


125th General Assembly


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2023-01-31Scrivener's error corrected
2023-01-10Referred to Committee on Education and Public Works
2023-01-10Introduced and read first time
2022-12-08Referred to Committee on Education and Public Works