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US HB6258


GUARD Act Guaranteeing Unalienable and Anatomical Rights for Dependents Act

To amend the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act to disqualify any State that discriminates against parents or guardians who oppose medical, surgical, pharmacological, psychological treatment, or clothing and social changes related to affirming the subjective claims of gender identity expressed by any minor if such claimed identity is inconsistent with such minor's biological sex from receiving funding under such Act.

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No State may receive funding under this Act if such State takes any adverse action or otherwise discriminates against parents, guardians, or legal representatives who oppose medical, surgical, pharmacological, psychological treatment, or other medical intervention, or clothing, name or pronoun use, or other social changes or practices related to transitioning to or affirming the claims or expressions of gender identity of any minor under the charge, care, or supervision of the parent, guardian, or legal representative, if such gender identity is inconsistent, in such parent’s, guardian’s, or legal representative’s estimation, with such minor’s biological sex, as determined definitively at or before birth, regardless of any medical diagnosis or indication of gender dysphoria, body dysphoria, dissociative identity disorder, or social anxiety disorder.

Legislative Session


118th Congress


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2023-11-07Referred to the House Committee on Education and the Workforce.
2023-11-07Introduced in House