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WI AB1065


Prohibiting University of Wisconsin System institutions and technical colleges from using loyalty pledges and requiring them to make certain information publicly available.

An Act to create 36.13, 38.235 and 801.50 (5d) of the statutes; Relating to: prohibiting University of Wisconsin System institutions and technical colleges from using loyalty pledges and requiring them to make certain information publicly available.

Selected quotes

Neither an institution nor an institutional review board associated with an institution may do any of the following: Condition admission of or financial aid to an applicant [or] condition the recognition or funding of any student organization [or] condition the hiring, reappointment, annual review, performance review, or promotion of a faculty member or prospective faculty member, or the research approval for a researcher on the organization or a student pledging allegiance to or making a statement of personal support for or opposition to any political ideology or movement, including a pledge or statement regarding diversity, equity, inclusion, or related topics [or] request or require a pledge or statement described [...] from an applicant for admission, a student or student organization, or a faculty member or prospective faculty member.

Legislative Session


2023-2024 Regular Session


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2024-03-0717:00Hearing313 SouthSenate Universities and Revenue Executive Session
2024-03-0610:00Hearing411 SouthSenate Universities and Revenue Public Hearing
2024-02-0810:00Hearing300 NortheastAssembly Colleges and Universities Executive Session
2024-02-0610:00Hearing300 NortheastAssembly Colleges and Universities Public Hearing


2024-05-15Failed to pass notwithstanding the objections of the Governor pursuant to Joint Rule 82
2024-05-14Placed on calendar 5-14-2024 pursuant to Joint Rule 82 (2)(a)
2024-03-29Report vetoed by the Governor on 3-29-2024
2024-03-26Presented to the Governor on 3-26-2024
2024-03-19Report correctly enrolled on 3-19-2024
2024-03-12Received from Senate concurred in
2024-03-12Ordered immediately messaged
2024-03-12Read a third time and concurred in, Ayes 22, Noes 10
2024-03-12Rules suspended to give bill its third reading
2024-03-12Ordered to a third reading
2024-03-12Read a second time
2024-03-11Placed on calendar 3-12-2024 pursuant to Senate Rule 18(1)
2024-03-08Available for scheduling
2024-03-08Report concurrence recommended by Committee on Universities and Revenue, Ayes 5, Noes 3
2024-03-07Executive action taken
2024-03-06Public hearing held
2024-02-26Read first time and referred to committee on Universities and Revenue
2024-02-23Received from Assembly
2024-02-22Ordered immediately messaged
2024-02-22Read a third time and passed
2024-02-22Rules suspended
2024-02-22Ordered to a third reading
2024-02-22Read a second time
2024-02-20Made a special order of business at 10:57 AM on 2-22-2024 pursuant to Assembly Resolution 28
2024-02-14Referred to committee on Rules
2024-02-14Report passage recommended by Committee on Colleges and Universities, Ayes 10, Noes 4
2024-02-08Executive action taken
2024-02-06Public hearing held
2024-02-02Read first time and referred to Committee on Colleges and Universities