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WV HB4233


Non-binary not permitted on birth certificates

The purpose of this bill is to require birth certificates issued in this state to include the gender of the child at birth and prohibit use of the term "non-binary" on birth certificates.

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The birth certificate shall list the child's sex at birth as male or female and may not use the term "non-binary."

Legislative Session


2024 Regular Session


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2024-02-2213:00Hearing451-MSenate Health and Human Resources Committee Meeting
2024-02-0514:30HearingHouse Judiciary Committee Room 410House Committee on the Judiciary Meeting


2024-04-22Chapter 217, Acts, Regular Session, 2024
2024-03-09Approved by Governor 3/27/24 - House Journal
2024-03-27Approved by Governor 3/27/24
2024-03-09Approved by Governor 3/27/2024 - Senate Journal
2024-03-09To Governor 3/21/2024 - House Journal
2024-03-21To Governor 3/21/2024
2024-03-09To Governor 3/21/2024 - Senate Journal
2024-03-01House received Senate message
2024-02-29Completed legislative action
2024-02-29Communicated to House
2024-02-29Passed Senate (Roll No. 320)
2024-02-29Read 3rd time
2024-02-28Laid over on 3rd reading 2/28/2024
2024-02-28On 3rd reading
2024-02-27Read 2nd time
2024-02-26Laid over on 2nd reading 2/26/2024
2024-02-26On 2nd reading
2024-02-24Read 1st time
2024-02-24On 1st reading
2024-02-23Reported do pass
2024-02-13To Health and Human Resources
2024-02-13To Health and Human Resources
2024-02-13Introduced in Senate
2024-02-09Communicated to Senate
2024-02-09Passed House (Roll No. 136)
2024-02-09Read 3rd time
2024-02-09On 3rd reading, Special Calendar
2024-02-08Read 2nd time
2024-02-08On 2nd reading, Special Calendar
2024-02-07Read 1st time
2024-02-07On 1st reading, Special Calendar
2024-02-06By substitute, do pass
2024-01-10To House Judiciary
2024-01-10Introduced in House
2024-01-10To Judiciary
2024-01-10Filed for introduction