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WV HB5240


Eliminate woke, anti-women words from state government

The purpose of this bill is to eliminate woke words and agendas from state government documents, websites, literature, and in person.

Selected quotes

Woke words and agendas are prohibited from being used in government communications.(a) All state offices, departments, boards, and commissions are prohibited from using exclusionary, sexist language in state government business, effective immediately. (b) In official government documents, websites, literature and in person, the following exclusionary and sexist terms shall be replaced with accurate, female-affirming alternatives: Rather than "pregnant people" or "pregnant person," use "pregnant women" or "pregnant mom." Rather than "birthing person," use "birth mom." Rather than "menstruating person" or "menstruating people," use "woman" or "women." Rather than "birth-giver," use "woman."

Legislative Session


2024 Regular Session


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2024-01-26To House Health and Human Resources
2024-01-26Introduced in House
2024-01-26To Health and Human Resources then Finance
2024-01-26Filed for introduction