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WV HB5656


Relating to protecting and advancing the substantial public policies of this state

The purpose of this bill is to advance the substantial public policies of this state by prohibiting public entities from contravening the same and by requiring private entities who wish to receive state funds to file an affidavit averring that they will not contravene the substantial public policies of this state.

Selected quotes

(a) No public entity shall contravene any substantial public policy of this state. (b) No private entity that contravenes any substantial public policy of this state shall be eligible to receive any form of state funds or financial assistance. (c) For purposes of this article, a public or private entity contravenes a substantial public policy of this state by:

(3) Providing any form of funds or financial aid to an employee seeking gender-reassignment surgery;

(7) Offering, requiring, hosting, conducting, or allowing any diversity, equity, and inclusion training session, class, program, seminar, speech, presentation, or similar meeting;

(10) Requiring an employee to engage in a diversity, equity, and inclusion program;

(16) Requiring any employee to use any website, portal, or system that promotes any theory of [...] allyship, transgenderism, [...] social justice, intersectionality, neopronouns, inclusive language, heteronormativity, gender identity or theory, privileged status based on race, color, ancestry, ethnicity, national origin, or sex, or any related theory

Legislative Session


2024 Regular Session


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2024-02-13To House Economic Development and Tourism
2024-02-13Introduced in House
2024-02-13To Economic Development and Tourism then Government Organization
2024-02-13Filed for introduction