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WY SF0009


Parental rights in education-1.

AN ACT relating to education; specifying procedures and requirements for school districts to provide parents and guardians notice of information regarding students and the rights of parents and guardians to make decisions regarding their children; specifying that school districts cannot prohibit parental or guardian notifications and involvement in critical decisions involving students; specifying procedures for resolving parent or guardian concerns and complaints; specifying duties for school districts; requiring adoption of necessary policies, rules and procedures; and providing for effective dates.

Selected quotes

Each school district shall [...] obtain written or electronic permission from each student's parent or legal guardian not less than one (1) day prior to the student participating or receiving instruction in any trainings, courses or classes that address sexual orientation or gender identity.

Legislative Session


2024 Budget Session


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2024-02-2600:00HearingCapitol Extension Room E003 & OnlineHouse Education
2024-02-1408:00HearingState Capitol Room W110 & OnlineSenate Education


2024-03-05Assigned Chapter Number 34
2024-03-05Governor Signed SEA No. 0008
2024-03-01Speaker Signed SEA No. 0008
2024-03-01President Signed SEA No. 0008
2024-02-29Assigned Number SEA No. 0008
2024-02-29Concur:Passed 26-1-4-0-0
2024-02-29Received for Concurrence
2024-02-293rd Reading:Passed 55-7-0-0-0
2024-02-282nd Reading:Passed
2024-02-26Placed on General File
2024-02-26H04 - Education:Recommend Amend and Do Pass 6-3-0-0-0
2024-02-23Introduced and Referred to H04 - Education
2024-02-19Received for Introduction
2024-02-193rd Reading:Passed 28-2-1-0-0
2024-02-162nd Reading:Passed
2024-02-14Placed on General File
2024-02-14S04 - Education:Recommend Amend and Do Pass 4-1-0-0-0
2024-02-12Introduced and Referred to S04 - Education 29-2-0-0-0
2024-01-24Received for Introduction
2023-12-04Bill Number Assigned