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WY SF0094


An act regarding compelled speech and state employers.

AN ACT relating to the administration of government; prohibiting the state and its political subdivisions from compelling speech as specified; authorizing a civil remedy; providing an exception to the Wyoming governmental claims act; and providing for an effective date.

Selected quotes

(a) The state and its political subdivisions shall not compel or require an employee to refer to another employee using that employee's preferred pronouns: (i) As a condition of continuing or commencing employment or contracting with the state or a political subdivision; (ii) As a condition to receive a grant, contract, license or other benefit afforded by the state or a political subdivision; (iii) Under threat of adverse action by the state or a political subdivision, including but not limited to an adverse employment action, exclusion, sanction or punishment.

Legislative Session


2024 Budget Session


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2024-02-2000:00HearingCapitol Extension Room W006 & OnlineSenate Revenue


2024-03-05Did not Consider for Introduction
2024-02-28Received for Introduction
2024-02-273rd Reading:Passed 21-10-0-0-0
2024-02-262nd Reading:Passed
2024-02-20Placed on General File
2024-02-20S03 - Revenue:Recommend Do Pass 5-0-0-0-0
2024-02-16:Refer to S03 - Revenue
2024-02-14Introduced and Referred to S01 - Judiciary 28-3-0-0-0
2024-02-13Received for Introduction
2024-02-12Bill Number Assigned