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AZ SB1165


Interscholastic; intramural athletics; biological sex

Legislative Session


Fifty-fifth Legislature - Second Regular Session (2022)


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Nancy Barto (R)

Sonny Borrelli (R)

David Gowan (R)

Rick Gray (R)

Sine Kerr (R)

Vince Leach (R)

David Livingston (R)

Javan Mesnard (R)

Warren Petersen (R)

Thomas Shope (R)

Kelly Townsend (R)

Shawnna Bolick (R)

Judy Burges (R)

Frank Carroll (R)

Joseph Chaplik (R)

Lupe Diaz (R)

John Fillmore (R)

Gail Griffin (R)

Steve Kaiser (R)

John Kavanagh (R)

Quang Nguyen (R)

Jacqueline Parker (R)

Ben Toma (R)

Michelle Udall (R)


2022-03-30Chapter 106
2022-03-30Governor Signed
2022-03-28Transmitted to Governor
2022-03-24Transmit to Senate
2022-03-24House third reading PASSED voting: (31-24-5-0)
2022-03-24House Committee of the Whole action: Do Pass
2022-03-15House minority caucus: Do pass
2022-03-15House majority caucus: Do pass
2022-03-14House consent calendar
2022-03-14House RULES Committee action: constitutional and in proper form, voting: (5-3-0-0-0-0)
2022-03-09House JUD Committee action: Do Pass, voting: (6-4-0-0-0-0)
2022-03-01House read second time
2022-02-28Assigned to House RULES Committee
2022-02-28Assigned to House JUD Committee
2022-02-28Introduced in House and read first time
2022-02-02Transmit to House
2022-02-02Senate third reading PASSED voting: (16-13-1-0)
2022-02-02Senate Committee of the Whole action: Do Pass
2022-02-01Senate majority caucus: Do pass
2022-02-01Senate minority caucus: Do pass
2022-01-24Senate consent calendar
2022-01-24Senate RULES Committee action: Proper For Consideration, voting: (0-0-0-0)
2022-01-20Senate JUD Committee action: Do Pass, voting: (4-3-1-0)
2022-01-18Senate read second time
2022-01-13Assigned to Senate RULES Committee
2022-01-13Assigned to Senate JUD Committee
2022-01-13Introduced in Senate and read first time